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Woke Author Writes “Worst Tweet Ever” In Response To Bill Burr

A tweet labeled by many as the “worst tweet ever” was written by an author named Clayburn Griffin in response to Bill Burr’s Grammy performance. Bill Burr, a famous comedian, was hosting part of the 2021 Grammy Awards and had a few “mishaps” according to a group of far-woke-left verified Twitter users. The series of “missed” jokes and “insensitive comments” led Griffin to refer to Burr’s wife as a “minority sex servant”.

Burr first joked about feminists going nuts asking “why is this cis-white male doing all this Latino stuff?” Then the often triggering comedian joked that he wanted to “kill himself” after coming on stage after a melancholy piano solo. Burr’s final “woke infraction” was mispronouncing Mexican singer’s Natalia Lafourcade name and joking that he was sorry he butchered her name. That was it. That was enough for Twitter weirdos to get their jimmies in a proverbial bunch.

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Most normal people in the United States probably don’t know a lot about what happens on Twitter, but since the “big wigs” who are staff at major companies do, opinions on Twitter have the potential to shape policy. One of these people is Clayburn Griffin. He is not necessarily a powerful person as of yet, with very few followers on Twitter. But he is a verified person which means he may be someone to somebody. Anyway, he decided to weigh in on Bill Burr’s grammy performance with one of, if not the worst tweets of all time.

Some may attempt to dismiss Griffin’s tweet as just a silly thought on Twitter that should be ignored, but the reality is that it has not been ignored. People from the left and the right all over the platform descended upon the tweet to send their negative comments. Even if someone dislikes Bill Burr, that is no excuse to attack his wife and label her as some type of slave, an unwilling participant in her marriage with Bill Burr. Besides, Burr didn’t even say much wrong during his Grammy’s hosting gig outside of mistakenly mispronouncing a Mexican woman’s name which he immediately apologized for. Bill Burr’s wife responded to the tweet with just five colorful words:
B****, Shut The F*** Up.

Clayburn Griffin may consider himself as a non-racist person, but his tweet shows the ignorance of people like him that always attack so-called “racists” who are racists themselves. White liberals and black liberals might be in a dead heat when it comes to the biggest offenders of being racist while claiming to be a superior social justice warrior (SJW). Black conservative commentators often get hit with so much racist abuse from the left that top-level security is required when they travel. Black liberal commentators generally don’t have that same issue. Because true blue conservatives generally don’t harm someone because of how they think or feel. Not so much for the other side.

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Griffin, in reality, is a nobody. He is just visible because he made a bad tweet with a blue check beside his name so people paid attention. This story is simply an indicator of how the left behaves when they believe they are in the right or when they think no one is looking.


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