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Michelle Obama Is Signaling That She Wants To Run For President In 2024

Michelle Obama made interesting comments on the Jay Shetty Podcast about what she fears going into the 2024 Presidential Election cycle. Although she did not say she was running for President, the words she said and how she phrased them sure sounded like a Presidential run was not out of the question. Most of the hour-long conversation with Jay Shetty was about mental health, as that is what his platform is built on. However, at about 18 minutes, she dropped her guard and spoke more directly about politics. She revealed that she fears what the country may decide politically daily.

The thoughts of where the nation may go keep her up at night. Naturally, if she spoke this way to the average person on the street, they would implore that she get into the driver’s seat to steer the ship in the direction she sees fit. After all, her husband’s former Vice President, Joe Biden, is on his last leg. It would not be a surprise if Biden miraculously dropped out of the race at the zero-hour and was replaced by Michelle Obama. The only question is, who would become Mrs. Obama’s running mate?

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