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Orthodox Jews In New York City Arrested After Illegal Tunnel Discovery

At least 10 Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City, were arrested after illegal tunnels were discovered. A small riot broke out at the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters after police arrived. There was an effort to fix the tunnel by filling it with concrete. Young Orthodox Jewish men inserted themselves inside of the secret tunnel to prevent it from being sealed up. Synagogue leaders say these young men are “extremist students” seeking unauthorized access to the building by breaking walls.

The tunnel was initially discovered when a local man reported strange noises inside his home over a long period. Contractors discovered evidence of a tunnel as they attempted to make alterations to city utilities. Reports vary about the purpose of the tunnel. Some say that it was a relic of COVID restrictions when large gatherings were curtailed by authorities. Others say tunnel construction started six months ago, long after COVID restrictions expired. Another possible purpose of the tunnel was to gain access to the women’s section of the facility, which would not be accessible to the young men through traditional means, such as using the front door.

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