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Moroccan Footballer Achraf Hakimi Goes Viral For Interesting Money Move Prior To Divorce

Moroccan Footballer (soccer player) Achraf Hakimi set his finances up in a clever way years before his current divorce from his wife Hiba Abouk. Hakimi is a multi-millionaire who currently plays in France for Paris Saint-Germain F.C., mainly at the “right-back” position. Information online says he has been paid as much as €60 million dollars for one year of play. There may be a team of accountants and lawyers who protect these players from potential financial ruin because he had a bullet-proof asset protection strategy. This strategy was revealed in court when his wife of three years, and the mother of his two small children, filed for divorce.

Earlier this year, Hiba Abouk filed for divorce from Achraf Hakimi. There is an allegation of assault from someone else that may have been the proverbial “straw on the camel’s back”, but that allegation is unproven. When Abouk and Hakimi wound up in court to divide assets, an issue was discovered. Achraf Hakimi owns nothing. Meaning, he has no assets in his name. The majority of his liquid cash does not rest in his bank accounts. Everything that he owns is actually in his mother’s name and 80% of his salary gets deposited into his mother’s accounts.

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Hiba Abouk is an actress with her own wealth, although it is nowhere near what her husband has. However, since she did not employ her husband’s same asset protection strategy, her assets may be up for division during the divorce process.


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