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Beto O’Rourke Interrupts Uvalde Press Conference For Political Clout

Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke (Robert Francis) interrupted the Uvalde, Texas shooting press conference. The conference featured Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Senator Ted Cruz, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. During a slight break in speaking during the presser, O’Rourke decided to walk straight up to the Governor and blame him for the Uvalde shooting. Ted Cruz told O’Rourke to “sit down” and Mayor McLaughlin had a few more choice words for the failed Gubernatorial candidate. Democrats vehemently fought against politicizing this tragedy… at least during some media spots on television. The reality of how this tragedy is being handled is much different than what the left says they want.


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  1. ..and wheres the obama story saying george floyd and the mass murder of children are the same, using it as a platform to spew his blm anti white horse shit?

  2. ‘sir youre outta line!… yeah and my kid was murdered today, now what ya fat fuck????? white black red yellow green it matters not, do SOMETHING you opportunistic fucks. everybody spinning for cash like its “come on down!”. America suck!!!!

  3. the guy is charlatan just like the rest of em. listen to him. look at him. not skin color, not religion, nothing but… he wants cash, in his pocket, and now, period. learn to identify the fake shit in america people. I know its a hard ask, but really.. imagine youre buying a joint from a guy who says, give me the cash upfront and ill be back. end of story.

  4. no coverage? lmfao.. its literally a murder every 30 minutes, every hour, every day, week, month year etc man. both of them are idiots. the solution is REALLY simple -guns are NEVER going away, period. SO. keep your guns, do yo thang man… but if you are caught with an unregistered gun and/or a violent offender, bye bye.. death by torture, dismemberment quartering pikes beheading etc. THIS is what happens to you first shooter smartasses. Make it known that if you play, you pay, for real this time.


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