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Outdoor Maskers Asked Why They Don’t Follow The New CDC Recommendations

The Daily Caller ventured out into the streets of Washington D.C. to ask people wearing masks outside about new CDC guidelines that say masks are no longer necessary for the fully vaccinated. The announcement from the CDC caused widespread confusion among cities, states, and individual people. Some breathed (pun intended) a sigh of relief upon hearing the news from the CDC. Others were skeptical of the news, fearing that it contradicts what they have been told about the virus and mask-wearing.

Many of the people in D.C. echoed the sentiments of Dr. Fauci. The controversial doctor (who has become famous because of the pandemic) recently got caught up in a whirlwind of controversy due to his stance on wearing masks for “optics” purposes and not “science”.

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Fauci said that he wore masks indoors, even after being vaccinated, because he did not want to send the wrong message. Several people in the Daily Caller street interview video said the exact same thing. There was also some doubt for the CDC shared among those interviewed in Washington. And the source of their doubt is actually pretty valid. If the CDC said that masks were essential and should not be dropped any time soon just one week ago, why would they change their tune now?

Mask “critics” who doubted the word of the CDC were, up until recently, seen as “ignorant Trump supporters who don’t believe in science”. That has changed with many left-leaning people also doubting the CDC’s stance on the issue of masks. Each “side” on the issue of doubting the CDC has a valid reason for their doubt. The virus is brand new and, quite frankly, the Government is just about as prepared as anyone else to deal with it.


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