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MSNBC Tries To Blame Kamala Harris For White House Cocaine

The White House cocaine story has taken a ton of twists and turns over the past few days. For some odd reason, Kamala Harris got thrown into the fray and under the bus. MSNBC aired a segment in which they pinpointed the exact location where the drug was found. This location was in a completely different area of the White House than what was originally reported. It was near the situation room in the basement of the West Wing, not in a “highly trafficked” area of the Executive Estate that Karine Jean-Pierre previously spoke about.

While an MSNBC anchor described the basement of the West Wing, she mentioned that the entrance was near where the Vice President parks her vehicle. A completely unnecessary and irrelevant detail to the story, unless the purpose was to throw Kamala Harris under the bus in order to protect the most obvious suspect – Hunter Biden.

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Cocaine found in the White House was in a different location than previously reported, sources say

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