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Keke Palmers Boyfriend Lashes Out Over Her Skimpy Outfit On Stage With Usher

Actress Keke Palmer’s boyfriend, Darius Jackson, lashed out against her on Twitter over the skimpy outfit she wore to an Usher concert. The “Nope” actress filmed herself in the front row of the concert, having a “fangirl” moment. Usher then brought her on stage for a personal serenade. Their interaction appeared somewhat flirtatious but also playful and innocent. Palmer had on a revealing outfit, a black “romper” style one-piece with a sheer garment on top that covered her arms and legs. When she turned around, however, it was clear that her entire backside was out. The romper had sort of a thong feature. That set her boyfriend off.

He retweeted the video of the serenade with the remark “It’s the outfit. you a mother.” Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer recently had a newborn baby together. They are not, however, married. After some backlash to the initial tweet criticizing his girlfriend’s outfit, Jackson doubled down by saying that it is a generational problem when a man cannot say anything about the way his wife and children’s mother dresses. The backlash against him simply raged on after that. He eventually deleted his Twitter account completely.

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