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Nathan Wade Speaks Out After Being Removed From The Trump Election Interference Trial

After being removed from the Donald Trump trial in Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis’s one-time boyfriend, Nathan Wade, has finally spoken out to the media. Wade discussed his romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in an ABC News exclusive. He contends that their relationship and “love” was a private matter that did not concern the election interference trial.

The interview was full of gaslighting and misdirection. Wade consistently spoke about how the affair was a “private matter,” but he did not discuss how he was married throughout the entire time they were together. Another issue is that the District Attorney, Fani Willis, signs off on any money given to Wade as a Special Prosecutor on the Trump case. Wade received nearly $700,000 in just under two years without doing much work. The next-highest person Fani Willis paid in the case received about $90,000, a paltry sum compared to Wade’s pay. Wade and Willis also went radio silent for nearly a month after it was revealed that they had a clandestine affair. The interviewer brought up how their relationship was secret, to which Wade had no honest answer. Just more obfuscation and a reliance on what appears to be media training.

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Wade was removed as Special Prosecutor on the Election Interference case after Judge Scott McAfee ruled that either Fani Willis would need to recuse herself or Wade would have to be removed. The choice was a no-brainer for Willis. If she removed herself from the case, the case would be over, as the entire Fulton County District Attorney’s office would also have to be removed.


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