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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Blames BLM Riots on President Trump!

Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler held a virtual press conference recently where he blamed the recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots on Donald Trump interfering by sending federal agents to assist local law enforcement.

Short-Sighted Memory

A reporter reminded Wheeler that BLM riots have been going on in Portland for the past five weeks. The Mayor then said that riots were dying down until Trump brought in federal agents, which kicked everything back up. If that’s the case, then what was the plan? To just allow riots to continue on until they stopped? Countless lives, property, and livelihoods could be lost in the meantime.

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Ted Wheeler, just like other left-coast liberal leaders, is complicit in the violence happening in Portland. And it started long before ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, or any other group rose to the forefront.

Drugs Are Bad

Drugs run rampant on the left coast, especially in big cities. Portland is no different. Drugs are essentially decriminalized in Portland. Law enforcement is not truly allowed to enforce law. When homeless camps are not only allowed by the city, but opened by the city itself, there is a serious problem. And that problem has manifested itself as nightly riots filled with graffiti, drugs, violence, and everything else up under the sun.


People across the United States have pleaded with the Federal Government to intervene in cities like Portland to restore law and order. However, as predicted, Trump received a ton of criticism for doing so. Wheeler specifically stated that Trump is using the Government as his “personal army.”

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On the other hand, if Trump does nothing, then the lawlessness continues. The sad case of Portland simply highlights the importance of local elections. Voting for the President every four years is great, but there is a limit on what can be done at the federal level. States still hold tremendous power.


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