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NBA Player REFUSES To Kneel Or Wear BLM Shirt During Anthem!

Orlando Magic NBA basketball player Jonathan Isaac refused to wear a Black Lives Matter (BLM) t-shirt or kneel during the National Anthem before his team’s game against the Brooklyn Nets. He was the only player in the entirety of the NBA to do so. The NBA has a long-standing rule against protests during the National Anthem. But NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, announced that the league will not enforce the rule this season.

Blue Check Trigger

As soon as Isaac was spotted on the sidelines of the basketball court without the obligatory “Black Lives Matter” shirt on while not kneeling, the hit-pieces and angry Twitter mobs went into full swing. Liberals of all colors criticized Isaac for being a black male and not kneeling “for black lives.” Assumptions about his motives were thrown out into the wild with little to no evidence behind them. And of course, the angry Twitter mob presented itself in a “nicer” way during the press conference after the game.

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NBA reporter Taylor Rooks, a black woman, was the first person to ask Jonathan Isaac a question after the game. Rooks’ question was punctuated with “do you think black lives matter?” Isaac responded with “yes” to that general question, then he went on to explain why he did not follow in the footsteps of his teammates and other NBA players as far as kneeling and t-shirt wearing.

Man Of Faith

Jonathan Isaac is a man of God, a devout Christian. He stated that his faith does not drive him to division, but rather to unity through Christ. Isaac acknowledged that there are problems in the world, but there is nothing that can’t be overcome through God. He continued to say that we all fall short of God’s glory, but we an all come back to Him.

Taylor Rooks didn’t like Isaac’s answer. She then asked him what religion had to do with protesting against racism and police brutality. Rook’s question was phrased in a way that appeared to dismiss Isaac’s faith-based conclusion, but he doubled down on his initial response by invoking his faith again. Another reporter asked if he talked about his decision with his teammates prior to the game to which Isaac responded yes. He actually had a full-on team meeting to express his beliefs and his teammates respected him for his position.

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Media Sink To Newer Lows

Reporters who have never stepped foot onto an NBA basketball court as a player aren’t always as understanding as Jonathan Isaac’s own teammates. Several hit-pieces were instantly produced to attack Isaac. One of them has the headline reading something to the effect of “His Protest Was Fine, But His Explanation Was Trash!”

Twitter, as usual, shined the light on a few hateful lefties in media. One white liberal reporter questioned Isaac’s integrity over not wearing the Black Lives Matter shirt. The reporter also said that he’d be “patiently waiting” for Isaac’s explanation, as if he is owed one.

Bizarro World

It’s interesting how the media, which is dominated by white leftists and leftists in general, appear ready to attack Jonathan Isaac for his Christian values. Isaac is the exact opposite of the trash of all colors invading big liberal city streets at night for the past few months. Maybe this is all part of a larger plan that the general public is not privy too. Rather than uplifting positivity, negativity is championed.

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The current direction of the United States could cause the nation to crash and burn if more men like Jonathan Isaac are not uplifted rather than destroyed.


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