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New York, Chicago, And Denver Mayors Blast Biden Administration Over The Migrant Crisis

The Mayor of New York City, Chicago, and Denver have formed an unofficial consortium to blast the Biden administration over the migrant crisis. Eric Adams, Brandon Johnson, and Mike Johnston released individual video statements at nearly the same time addressing the issue. New York City, for example, has processed over 150,000 migrants over the past 18 months. This is clearly an unsustainable number, especially without financial help from the Federal Government. All of the aforementioned Mayors are requesting more financial help, although that’s not really going to solve the problem.

This Consortium of Mayors is also jointly blaming Governor Greg Abbott for sending buses and planes full of migrants into their cities. They say such action is inhumane and possibly even illegal. NYC is requiring buses to show up at specific times and places. Chicago attempted to impound the buses. Eric Adams complained about getting upwards of 3,500 migrants in one day, meanwhile, Border Patrol is averaging 10,000 encounters per day. Much of the migrant traffic flows through Texas. Greg Abbott is also receiving little to no help from the Biden Administration. So, it is improper to blame Abbott when the true culprit here is the Federal Government.

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