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Tesla Robot Goes Full Terminator And Attacks Engineer At Texas Factory

A Tesla robot attacked an engineer at the Austin, Texas factory in what can only be described as a “Terminator” moment. The robot was reportedly not autonomous and behaving on its own. There was a malfunction that caused the machine to dig its claws into the engineer’s back and arm. Ultimately, the worker suffered a lacerated finger. The injury was enough to draw blood but not enough for the person to require time off of work. This incident took place back in 2021, although the report has just recently come to the surface. It is not clear what specific type of robot was involved.

There is an increased level of fear over technology becoming self-aware and harming human beings due to the rise in artificial intelligence. Videos have surfaced online of robots powered by AI that are truly scary. Staples in popular culture such as as “The Matrix” and “Terminator” fuel this fear due to the predictions these films made looking more and more like the reality of today.

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