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One Oregon County Says Face Masks Are For Whites Only!

For some odd reason, Lincoln County, Oregon has decided to create an ordinance requiring everyone to wear a mask while out in public if they may find themselves within six feet of another person who is not in their family group. The only exceptions are for non-white people. So that means the mask rule only applies to whites. It is a whites-only rule.

Let’s Hear The Reasoning Behind This

The rationale behind the race-specific ordinance is something that appears to be thoughtful, although racist. Officials say that non-whites may have “heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment” over wearing masks in public. Therefore, “people of color” may claim exemption from the mask rule.

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This rule suggests that white people don’t feel discomfort or concerns about racial profiling and harassment as well. ANTIFA members sure love to wear masks out in public, especially in Portland, Oregon which is a mere two hours away from Lincoln County. A white ANTIFA member is more likely to appear in 90% white Lincoln County than a black person in general. Blacks make up a fraction of a percent of the population. Other races of people in Lincoln County could appear more white with masks on.

How is it possible to enforce a race-based law without racial profiling? The very hypothetical situation that the ordinance exception sought to eliminate was created by the exception itself.

The More Things Change The More They Don’t

The left and the Democratic party purport themselves as progressive people and forward-thinking movement. Judging by all the race-based rules and ordinances that are on the books or that are proposed, it’s hard to tell. The same Democratic party and knowledgeable constituents that exist today are no different than the ones of yesterday. The only thing that has changed is the marketing strategy and the morality of large groups of certain people in the United States.

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