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As Suspected, The Bubba Wallace “Noose” Story Is FAKE!

Claims of a racially motivated incident that targeted biracial (black/white) NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace were investigated at the Talladega, Alabama SuperSpeedway. The original story is that a rope fashioned into a loop that looked like a noose was discovered in Wallace’s garage. After a thorough investigation from NASCAR and the FBI, that claim has been ruled false. There was no racially motivated attack targeting Bubba Wallace.

What’s The Excuse?

Wallace said that he did not find the noose, but a team member did and it traveled up the proverbial “chain of command” until it reached Steve Phelps, the President of NASCAR. According to Wallace, Phelps called him for a private meeting where he informed him of the noose. At that point, NASCAR and Bubba both jumped the gun and went public before any investigation was concluded. A pseudo-parade was given for Wallace, statements condemning the actions were made, and more. Which was totally irresponsible and reeks of self-aggrandizement from both parties.

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NASCAR may want to jump out in front of an allegation like this to prove they are not responsible, or racist, which serves a double purpose due to the current climate of the nation. Wallace has gained attention for his Black Lives Matter shirt and car, so this “noose” incident is right up his alley. He has already appeared on The View with Sunny Hostin and CNN with Don Lemon, both black hosts, to discuss the now-debunked racially motivated incident.

Disproportionate Response

Fifteen FBI agents descended upon Talladega to assist NASCAR with the investigation after it reached the media. With that type of federal response, you’d think they were looking for the Unabomber. All they found was a garage pull that was tied into a loop that had been there for at least one full year. Long before anyone could know that Bubba Wallace would use that garage. Videotape and photographic evidence were cited in this conclusion.

The idea exists that this incident is not truly Bubba Wallace’s fault. NASCAR has the lion’s share of the blame laid at their feet because Bubba did not find the noose, someone else did. Steve Phelps, NASCAR President, was vocal about it and vowed swift and severe justice. But that assertion ignores Wallace’s own personal responsibility. Wallace appeared on television on multiple occasions and spoke of the allegations as true. Even after the FBI and NASCAR debunked the theory of a hate crime targeting him, Wallace still doubled-down on the “noose” theory.

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We’ve Absolutely Been Here Before

Cases like this in America that involve a racially-charged incident are constantly proven false. There is also a pattern every time one of these stories pops up. Mainstream media instantly run with it. Talking heads on television, social media, and Washington turn it into some sort of freedom fights. Sometimes, there are even riots and looting. And the cases are almost always fake. Jussie Smollett was the biggest one. The case of Bubba Wallace shares may parallels with Smollet’s and even a blind man can see why.


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