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[Opinion] MSM Rush to Call 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden

The Associated Press (AP) and the majority of other mainstream media outlets have declared Joe Biden the winner and 46th President of the United States with Kamala Harris as Vice President. Donald Trump and a variety of others from both sides of the aisle say that the announcement is too soon.

Newsmax and One America News have not called the election at this time. President Donald Trump has not conceded as of Saturday.

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The public understands that votes are still being counted in key battleground states while several investigations are currently underway to examine the validity of the voting process across a number of states. Numerous videos are circulating across social media with footage and testimonials of alleged voter fraud.

Until then, there won’t be a satisfying answer as to who is the clear victor. However, we do know the Trump Campaign will have its day in court to fight the concerning allegations.

Trump Legal Team Holds Press Conference in Pennsylvania

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Rudy Giuliani, attorney to President Donald Trump, held a press conference in Pennsylvania Saturday, introducing Republican poll watchers who testify that they were not permitted to review mail-in ballots. Giuliani says mail-in ballots possess the highest risk of voter fraud among other methods of voting and that there was “no inspection of a single mail-in ballot.”

Allegedly, voting centers across Pennsylvania and in other states are accused of keeping Republican poll watchers far from ballots, citing COVID-19 social distancing rules to keep people six feet away or more.

Speaking out during the Philadelphia press conference was a Republican poll watcher who stated that they were made to stand 20 feet away initially, then six feet away. He said there was no way for them to see details as to whether voter fraud was committed. “Give us an opportunity as poll watchers to see all the documents,” he said. “We just want a fair election and we view it was not fair.” Joining in were several other poll watchers who also came forward to voice their concerns.

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Giuliani says President Trump was ahead by 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania just a few days ago. He says the Trump Campaign has “many, many witnesses” and will be bringing about actions to challenge the alleged incidents. He says the same things were done in Georgia, Michigan and North Carolina.

The media outlets attending the press conference asked some seriously infantile questions, such as “What about the polls” and “Do you think Joe Biden is a winner or a cheater.” Other questions were more discrediting in nature than qualifying. No wonder the public has lost all faith in mainstream journalism. They don’t seem to care to look into the allegations. It’s as if everything is normal and running smoothly in their world.

Ultimately, it’s a shame how Americans aren’t privy to a fair vote. What would be the purpose of telling everyone to vote and that it’s their right, only to find that they don’t have the right to the candidate they voted for? In terms of the American election process, we are to witness dark and worrisome times should these concerns go unaddressed, and every red-blooded patriot should be on high alert about our constitutional republic we are charged to keep.





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