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Obama Says “Put the Country First”, How He’s Wrong to Say That

Imagine being so arrogant that you feel the need to bark commands at your replacement? That was pretty much the gist of Former President Barack Obama’s interview with 60 Minutes. Obama offered some condescending “advice” to the current POTUS, who is currently battling not just for his presidency but for the voting rights of millions of Americans. Many even suggest that President Trump is battling for our country’s freedom as we know it. Yet the former POTUS feels like Trump needs to concede.

But our old Buddy Barack, who forgot he was relevant two whole presidential terms ago, left Americans without hope, stating that there is “no scenario in which any of those states would turn the other way.”

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Has he no idea how this appears to delegitimize claims of election fraud? Millions of Americans are marching on their state capitols in peaceful protest of this sham of an election season, yet Obama has nothing to say but that we lie down and take it?

It’s funny how the Left demands that people’s voices be heard and that Americans should fight for the right to protest, to stand up for what they believe in. But when the shoe is on the other foot, the Right should “do the right thing” and stand down.

Furthermore, what would be the point of voting if our votes can’t be counted fairly and properly? With much to be revealed about surfacing allegations of illegal election practices, why are Left-wing politicians in a hurry for us to move forward? Instead lawmakers, politicians and the mainstream media are covering their eyes so they can walk through a hoarded room without confronting how messy it is. At this point they’re just trying to get through it. They pray (to whatever god they’re praying to) that the December 14 deadline comes quickly.

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Obama has some nerve, but I guess he can’t be too arrogant considering his Vice President-turned presidential candidate supposedly garnered far more votes in this election than he did in 2008. The world knows that nothing is special about Joe Biden. And nobody knows this better than Obama.

Donald Trump Jr. called out the alleged discrepancy. He sees it. We all see it.

If Biden were the perfect man for the presidency, why did it take several months for Obama to endorse him? Not the resounding support that one would expect from two politicians from the same administration. Either way, Obama can grandstand and pretend like the Democratic forerunner was elected by the people. But when the true numbers are revealed, perhaps Obama’s ginormous ego will settle down, because deep down he knows what we all know — Biden is not that great of a candidate.

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