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Democrat Candidate Says Black Male Trump Voters HATE Black Women

A black Democratic candidate by the name of Pam Keith says that nearly 20% of black males who voted for Trump hate black women. Thankfully, Keith just lost her race against Brian Mast in Florida’s District 18 so there is no concern of her actually gaining power… yet. But the fact that she got over 40% of the vote with such boldly racist ideals is concerning, to say the least. But her vile comments raise a conversation about black voting patterns in the 2020 election.

Early exit poll data shows that Trump received a nearly 35% increase in the black male vote going from 13% to 18%. Now, of course, the data is early and both numbers must allow room for error or lack of honesty. Even with those well-known caveats, the 35% increase is impressive. For black women, their percentage of Republican votership is low, but it did dramatically improve. Trump received just 4% of the black female vote in 2016 and that rose to 8% in 2020, which is a 100% increase. So does this mean that black women also hate black men? Or is there something… else going on?

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Democrats have been steadily losing the black vote since the 2008 high of Barack Obama’s first Presidency. Obama’s mixed-race identity was historic, but not even enough to keep the 2012 election from seeing some drop-off among black voters. Democrats got overly cocky when they introduced Hillary Clinton, a woman with a contentious relationship with the black community, in 2016 to succeed Obama. She did not do very well. Fast forward to 2020, Joe Biden is not faring well either, and his portion of the black community vote is the lowest since maybe even before Obama among Democrats.

A woman like Pam Keith is the equivalent to a Twitter troll who got taken a little bit too seriously by a few too many people. She had a chance of being a US House Rep for goodness sakes. Her anti-black male Twitter ramblings appear to be the cries of a woman seeking out for attention. The conversation started around her absurdity simply highlight Pam Keith party’s ineptitude and decline. The trend of black men and black women away from the Democratic party is in it’s true infancy and will continue to grow as time progresses.

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