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Suspect In Squad Car In “Acorn Cop” Incident Speaks Out Amid Lawsuit

The suspect who was in the back of the squad car during the “acorn cop” incident in Florida has spoken out to the media amid a pending lawsuit. Marquis Jackson was arrested after a domestic disturbance on suspicion of vehicle theft and an unlawful weapon. He was searched at least once before being placed in handcuffs and then into the squad car. Jackson says he was actually searched twice.

Soon after, sitting in the back of the police vehicle, Jackson recalls gunshots and glass shattering all around him. He was confused, thinking the officer was trying to kill him as he sat detained in the car. The officer who initiated gunfire at Jackson thought Jackson had shot at him. He also felt that he had been shot. The reality is that the officer heard an acorn hit the top of the car, which, in his mind, sounded like a gunshot. It is unclear why he thought he had been shot.

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Marquis Jackson says the incident was traumatizing and that he could have PTSD. Jackson’s lawyer invoked the racial element due to Jackson being black. The local police department and maybe the Federal Government may end up getting involved financially to pay Jackson off, as the shooting was completely unjustified, and no criminal charges were brought against the officers in question.


Florida deputy mistakes falling acorn for gunshot, fires into patrol car with Black man inside | AP News

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