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President Of Iran Dead After Helicopter Crash Near Azerbaijan

The President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, and the country’s foreign minister were found dead after a helicopter crash in the East Azerbaijan region. They were headed to Azerbaijan for an event when the crash took place. Currently, foul play is not expected. There was dense fog during search & rescue efforts, and this weather was most likely the culprit of the fatal accident.

This accident could not have come at a worse time. Iran and Israel have been escalating tension by directly hitting each other with strikes. Then, there are the Iranian-backed forces in the Middle East, such as the Houthis, who make matters difficult for anyone passing through the region. Raisi’s death comes just one month before Iran’s scheduled Presidential election. Iran’s constitution states they must select a new President within 50 days after a sitting one dies.

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Raisi was a controversial figure as he was involved in the political persecution of fellow Iranians in the 1980s after the Islamic revolution. He was also loved by many and slated to become the next Ayatollah after 85-year-old Ali Khamenei died or stepped aside.


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