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Kanye West’s First 2020 Presidential Rally Goes Off The Rails!

Kanye West held his first campaign rally in South Carolina over the weekend after throwing his name into the hat for the 2020 Presidential Election. Kanye’s announcement came very late in the game. So late, in fact, that the media mogul slash businessman is actually not eligible to appear on Presidential ballots in at least six states. A high-ranking official in Kanye’s campaign even said that West’s bid was already over just a few days after it started.

No Time To Play Around

It appears as if none of the roadblocks in the way of a Kanye West 2020 Presidential campaign matter to Kanye himself. He is on the ground running, with a named VP in the Wyoming self-help guru and pastor Michelle Tidball.

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The first rally for the Kanye West 2020 Campaign was all over the place. To say that his presidential run is off to a rocky start is putting it lightly. There is a need to provide context behind what Kanye says and how he says it. He is not, and never has been, the type of guy to always formulate full thoughts before he speaks. Kanye will publicly speak a stream of consciousness, similar to Jordan B. Peterson, just not as book-savvy.

Kanye appeared on stage with a bulletproof vest on and a haircut design that spelled out “2020” on the back of his head. He spoke about some topical issues including police brutality. Kanye also gave tearful testimony about nearly aborting his first daughter with his wife, Kim Kardashian. He also revealed that his mother saved him the abortion that his father wanted.

Things Got Weird

The rally kind of went off the rails when Kanye brought up Harriet Tubman. He said that she did not actually free the slaves, she just had them go work for other white people. Maybe what Kanye meant is that the black people that she did free from physical bondage did not receive freedom from mental bondage. But, of course, nobody is going to think to apply that nuance to his un-nuanced statement. And the media has run with it like Usain Bolt in a 400-meter relay.

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Kanye said that it is racist to think that he’ll split the black vote between himself and Joe Biden. Which is actually true. Because Joe Biden dominated the black vote in the South Carolina Democratic Primary although Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were both in the race at the time.

Where Is This Headed?

Does Kanye have a legitimate chance in the 2020 race? Most likely not. Will he grab attention with his rallies? Absolutely. Whether it’s positive attention or not is another story. Most of the left media, that Kanye will need to win over, attacked him relentlessly over the Harriet Tubman comments. Left-media also labels Kanye West as mentally ill without a doctor diagnosis.

The 2020 election cycle has already been wild with the virus and social unrest from organized Marxist groups. The addition of Kanye West probably won’t add to the chaos, or prove to be fruitful for West, but it will at least be interesting to see normal people and media’s reaction to his anti-abortion and pro-God statements.

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