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Rapper PNB Rock’s Girlfriend Is Not To Blame For His Death

Rapper PNB Rock was shot and killed in South Los Angeles at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles at the age of 30. He had two children. The circumstances surrounding his death have become fodder for online arguments and discussions. PNB was with his girlfriend at the restaurant for about 45 minutes to an hour before he was killed. She posted some food they were eating with a geotag location on her Instagram story. People say that this Instagram post is what led to his death. The thought process here is that “enemies” of his were able to zero in on his location by looking at her post. The problem with this line of thinking is that it is missing a ton of important information that paints an entirely different narrative.

Yes, local police are saying that this appears to be a targeted hit due to Instagram posts. Keyword “posts”, not just one post. PNB Rock himself posted their location as soon as they arrived at Roscoe’s. His girlfriend posted the same location after they had been there for about 45 minutes. So if the Instagram post argument is to be used, then it has to apply to both of them and not just the girlfriend.

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The specific Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles location they were eating was in a very sketchy area. It is located on the corner of Manchester and Main street in South Central Los Angeles. There are at least four different and highly active gangs in that area. The gangs are so active that police routinely do checkpoints on the streets in an effort to curb all of the violence.

PNB Rock had on a bunch of jewelry which was the target of the robbery and shooting. The person killed him and then took the jewelry. The simple act of hanging out in a bad area wearing a bunch of expensive jewelry that can easily be sold afterward is dangerous. The rapper did not have any security. Again, it is very dangerous to simply exist in a high-crime, gang-infested area. Then add on the layer of expensive jewelry and a semi-recognizable face.

Even if the Instagram posts are the scapegoat for PNB Rock’s untimely death, there are a ton of other things that contributed to it. And if those other things were handled differently, he would most likely still be alive today.

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