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Riley Gaines Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee On Women’s Rights

Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on women’s rights issues. Gaines has been making news for a while now due to her outspoken stance against biological men competing against biological women. She competed against now-famous transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in college. Gaines made quite a few cogent points during her most recent Congressional testimony. There was quite an emotional moment where Gaines recalled the moment Lia Thomas undressed in front of her and her teammates while still fully physically male.

Democrats called on the President of the Human Rights Campaign, Kelley Robinson, as a witness. Her role was to essentially defend transgender women in biological women’s sports. Senator Ted Cruz grilled Kelley with a very simple question… “is there a difference between men and women?” Robinson struggled with this question and ultimately refused to answer.

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