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Over 100 Police Agencies Back Out Of 2020 Milwaukee DNC!

Over 100 police agencies have backed out of the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC). The convention will take place from August 17th to the 20th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Only about 300 people are expected to attend the convention which is obviously much less than usual. Agencies from all across the country originally pledged to send personnel for security reinforcement.

Speeches that would usually take place on stage will either be pre-recorded or streamed live from a studio or the speech giver’s home. Joe Biden announced that he will attend the convention to accept his nomination as the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee.

Security For Me, Not For Thee

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Even though the DNC will operate on a much smaller scale this year, tight security is still required. Especially in the climate of coronavirus and also nightly protests across the country, largely centered in Democratic-run cities. Security at and around the 2020 DNC is in jeopardy due to local reaction to the “defund the police” movement.

Milwaukee passed some sort of legislation that bars local police from using tear gas or pepper spray on “protesters.” Less-than-lethal methods like pepper spray are essential tools in crowd-control that are routinely used by police forces all around the world. If Milwaukee police are not allowed to use such force, then outside forces probably won’t be able to use it either.

When Keeping it “Woke” Goes Wrong

What’s the purpose of any outside security forces showing up if they’re going to be restricted in their professional capacity?

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Democrats who have supported the “defund the police” movement may soon rue the day they embarked down the dark road they’re currently on. In their quest to attack conservatives and anyone affiliated with Trump, they’ve ruined their own cities and turned their own constituencies against them. The 2020 DNC may just wind up canceled as a result of no security forces showing up. If the show goes on, then Democrats will receive a rude awakening.


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  1. The liberal left democratraitors should have the convention nothing is going to happen no “peaceful protestors” will show up blm and antifa are on the lld’s payroll their not gonna bite the hand that feeds them….for now


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