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SC Mayoral Candidate STAGES Her Own Kidnapping And Assault!

A 29-year-old woman by the name of Sabrina Belcher who is running for Mayor of Sumter, South Carolina (SC) staged her own kidnapping and assault. According to local authorities, she colluded with a 34-year-old man named Christopher James Eaddy to stage the incident. Authorities say the reason behind the hoax was to gain more support in the election and also to frame an unnamed opponent.

Belcher was apparently sitting in the driver’s seat of her own car and recorded the fake kidnapping. She then posted it to Facebook herself. Probably to her own Facebook page. It’s unclear why Belcher would attempt a kidnapping hoax after several other high-profile hoaxes that did not succeed at all. Whatever the thought process was behind her action, she has been arrested along with her accomplice for the hoax.

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