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Left Media Says Trump Loves Low Black Voter Turnout

Leftist mainstream media have been pushing a headline about Trump “touting” the low black voter turnout for the Democratic Party in 2016. Media also report that Trump says the lower voter turnout from black voters helped him win the election. Apparently, leaked audio of a 45-minute meeting with black leaders and Trump exists somewhere in the journalist world. Journalists who have heard the audio all pretty much echo the same quote.

“Many Blacks didn’t go out to vote for Hillary ‘cause they liked me. That was almost as good as getting the vote, you know, and it was great.”

Playing The Numbers Game

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No other quotes from Trump are presented as problematic and quite frankly, the quote most cited is not problematic itself. Donald Trump got more of the black vote than both McCain and Romney in the prior Presidential elections. Barack Obama was, of course, an anomaly but Trump got 8% of the black vote compared to Romney and McCain who got around 5% or 6%. Those numbers are low but the increase for Trump is high in a relative sense.

Black voters still generally vote party-line for the Democratic party but many black voters are rethinking the 50-or-so year-long tradition. Nothing positive has actually come from the Democratic party during the time they’ve ruled black areas in inner cities. So, just like Trump famously said, what does the black community have to lose? Not much and voting patterns show a desire to try something new.

Political Chess Moves

Leftist media want to twist the meaning of Trump’s words and turn them into a political grenade. The ordeal with the US Post Office and mail-in voting seems to play well with this headline. Future headlines could read something like this: “Trump’s Appreciation of Passive Black Voter Suppression.” Although the President has not done anything to stifle the “black” vote, the headlines will say that he enjoys the results of voter suppression so it wouldn’t be beyond him to do such a thing in the 2020 election.

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To zoom out a bit, the bigger picture here is the exodus of the black vote as well as other “marginalized” groups’ votes in America. The bedrock of the Democratic party is non-white. Without that block, then support from the white liberal block will also fall and the Democratic party would cease to exist on a national stage. Leftist media care not about the feelings of black voters or even suppression of the black vote per se… it’s really all about preserving voters for Democrats and that’s it.

Different Source, Different Response

Michelle Obama actually outlined the thought process of the mainstream media on numerous occasions. She even wrote a book called “Becoming” where she spoke about how upset she was with black voters for not coming out in droves to vote for Hillary in 2016. The former First Lady referred to black voters staying home as a slap in the face. As if an over 90% Democratic Party voting rate among blacks isn’t enough.

Funny how the mainstream media didn’t pick up Michelle Obama’s harsh rebuke of the black community for staying home as some sort of voter suppression or voter intimidation tactic. It is of course no surprise considering that left-wing politicians and left-wing media are on the same team and have the same objectives. The problem for leftists is that information is available in abundance and the games they play aren’t as tolerated as they once were.

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  1. President Obama is personally responsible for every death of a black person who fails to obey a lawful order of a police officer to stop. He failed to say it during the Eric Garner case, and he totally blew the chance at the Michael Brown case in Ferguson. Both of those men would not be dead if they obeyed the lawful order to stop and put their hands up. Obama implied it is better to run, or at least acknowledged most black people will do that, without the corresponding warning by the President of the United States not to do it because it is illegal and could lead to those results. Obama was the first black president and he did nothing, absolutely nothing for the black community except create an incendiary cycle that has become this maelstrom now. My parents taught me to obey the police, and thankfully I never needed to. You might get arrested, but you don’t get dead. Reach into a car, like this suspect did, and get shot (especially a suspect who had a history of violence and illegal possession of a gun). Simple. ABL is a blessing to us for his insights and analysis and presenting all the facts. Thank you, Sir.


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