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Secret Jewish NYC Tunnels Were Result Of Illegal Site Expansion

More information about the secret Jewish tunnels dug under the Chabad Lubavitch Center in NYC has been revealed. The Crown Heights, Brooklyn facility is a world-famous landmark for Jews, especially for Hasidic Jews who use the building for studying and gathering.

Some “radical” students (and others, perhaps) decided to physically expand the site’s footprint by digging a 60-foot-long tunnel to connect four buildings. These students say they were following the instructions of long-deceased Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Some followers of this particular sect of Hasidic Judaism view the Rabbi as the Messiah, while others don’t.

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This schism created a situation where people acted independently, without oversight from other members or any authority in New York City. And, of course, the tunnel was haphazardly dug (using the help of migrants) and dangerous not only to the people inside but also to the surrounding buildings due to holes being punctured in load-bearing walls.

Contractors discovered the massive tunnel while working on the building. This caused other members to call the police and have the tunnel repaired, meaning having cement poured into it. Police arrived after some students refused to exit the tunnel when workers tried to repair the damage. This scene was captured on social media and spread like wildfire.


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