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Senator Ron Johnson Labeled Racist For Comments on BLM and ANTIFA

Senator Ron Johnson has been labeled racist by many on the left due to his views on Black Lives Matter (BLM) and also ANTIFA. Democrats in Wisconsin (where the Senator is from) and all over the nation have expressed displeasure with his statements. The uber-liberal daytime talk show “The View” has also expressed negative opinions about the Senator, echoing the party-line allegations of “racism” against him.

Senator Johnson appeared on the Joe Pags Show on March 11th and spoke about the Capitol riots on January 6th. Johnson said he was not scared at the riot but if Trump had won rather than Biden and there were ten thousand BLM and ANTIFA rioting, then there would be cause for concern. The View host Sunny Hostin ignored the part about ANTIFA and zeroed in on Johnson’s comments about Black Lives Matter, saying that the Senator “said the quiet part out loud”. Hostin flatly called Senator Johnson “racist” for expressing concern over “black people peacefully protesting”.

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Hostin mistakenly torpedoed her own attempt to paint BLM as peaceful by saying they “only” had about 570 riots out of the thousands of “peaceful protests”. If what she said is true, then there were 569 more violent BLM riots than the one Capitol riot. Not only did Sunny Hostin destroy her own point, but she also bolstered Ron Johnson’s point.

Sunny Hostin’s “The View” colleague, Joy Behar, also labeled Senator Johnson as racist despite her own issues with allegations of blackface in the past. Behar, unlike Hostin, acknowledged the Senator’s comments about ANTIFA but struck the violent extremist group down as simply an “idea”. She said this despite the countless pictures, videos, articles, and arrests of ANTIFA members from all around the country. ANTIFA is a very well-known violent and dangerous group that often works hand-in-hand with Black Lives Matter to engage in truly insurrectionist action.

Senator Johnson doubled down on his comments when asked later by reporters, stating that these groups are dangerous and there are white people in both. And what he said is correct. As a matter of fact, Black Lives Matter is a majority white group. According to consumer data company Mobilewalla, Atlanta has the highest black population within Black Lives Matter with 21% and Los Angeles has the lowest with around 4%. But even in “chocolate city” Atlanta, the white BLM participation is close to 80%. So to label “Black Lives Matter” as a black group is simply false. The marketing of mainstream media may make them appear that way but reality tells a different story.

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