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Video Of A Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Brawl Goes Viral

Video of a brawl at a Montgomery, Alabama riverfront park has gone viral across all social media platforms. The incident involved a group of people responsible for a pontoon boat refusing to move their vessel. They were docked in an area reserved for a larger dinner boat.

Several videos show the dock had an elongated ramp that is obviously designed to accommodate large crowds. A dock worker decided to untie the pontoon boat from the dock to facilitate the docking of the larger boat. This caused a confrontation between the dock worker and the group responsible for the pontoon. Eventually, the group jumped on the dock worker and began to pummel him.

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At one point, there were about six different people jumping the lone city employee. All of the assailants were white and the victim was black. A few seconds after the fight started, a lot more people descended upon the location to help the worker. The overwhelming majority of those helping the dock worker were black and all of the assailants were white.

Police arrived a short time later issuing several arrest warrants, taking a few people into custody. They say more arrests are possible upon further examination of all videos from the incident.


Montgomery Riverfront brawl leads to multiple arrests – YouTube

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