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Skip Bayless Refuses To Apologize Or Back Down Over Damar Hamlin Tweet

Skip Bayless refused to back down over his Damar Hamlin tweet after Shannon Sharpe returned to their “Undisputed” show. The Fox Sports One sports news/debate show was missing Sharpe the day after Bayless’s controversial tweet. There was a ton of speculation about why Sharpe was absent. Some people thought Sharpe was too upset about the Hamlin incident.

The incident was, of course, brutal. It is not every day that an NFL football player suffers cardiac arrest and nearly dies. Shannon revealed that he missed the show because he did not want the tweet and the emotion behind it to dominate the conversation. Unfortunately, Sharpe had no choice but to bring up the tweet almost immediately in his opening monologue and that’s where the conversation took a different direction.

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Skip interrupted Shannon’s monologue after Shannon suggested that Skip delete the tweet. He reiterated what he said immediately after the tweet – which was the fact that Damar Hamlin’s health was paramount and the outcome of the game was not relevant. Shannon did not like Skip’s interruption and shut down his own monologue immediately, punting to the show’s moderator/co-host Jenny.


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