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Cori Bush Attacks GOP House Rep Byron Donalds As A “Prop”

Democratic House Rep Cori Bush attacked her Republican colleague Byron Donalds as a “prop” for the Republican Party. She says he has only served one term so far and hasn’t done anything to demonstrate leadership. His race, of course, was brought up here. Both Bush and Donalds are black. Bush says that Donald’s blackness is being used inappropriately by the Republican Party.

This attack was prompted by the current battle for Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy has the majority vote within the GOP as the incumbent to take the reigns for another term. The problem, however, is that McCarthy does not have quite enough votes to gain him the majority of the house. There are 20 GOP holdouts who refuse to vote McCarthy because they think he is not conservative enough. One of the holdouts is Byron Donalds. All 20 holdouts voted for Donalds in the 4th and 5th rounds after many of them voted for Jim Jordan.

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