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Kamala Harris Says Her Family Celebrated Kwanzaa… Really?

Kamala Harris says that she celebrated Kwanzaa in a “multigenerational” fashion when she was a child. Her revelation came on the first day of Kwanzaa, which happens to be the day after Christmas. The video was produced by the “Biden-Harris transition team” so it was not an off-the-cuff or spur-of-the-moment production. As soon as the video was released, a mountain of questions surrounding her claims came about.

The timeline of Harris’ Kwanzaa childhood celebration does not make much sense. Harris was born two years before Maulana Karenga invented Kwanzaa. She was born to a mother who came directly from India and a father from Jamaica. Kwanzaa was created by a black American and is largely only recognized as a black American thing. Harris’s family has no ties to black America and the “holiday” is relatively new compared to Christmas.

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So, the main question here is painfully obvious. Knowing all of what we know about Kamala Harris’ family history, how would her family have celebrated Kwanzaa? And how would said Kwanzaa celebration have been multi-generational if Harris was part of her family’s first generation born in America? The video that the Biden-Harris transition team put out appears to be yet another attempt to “pander” to not only black Americans but to people who are sympathetic to the “plight” of black Americans.

This whole scenario is reminiscent of the infamous interview on Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club” when the hosts asked Harris questions about her time in college and also if she smoked weed. She did admit to smoking weed at one point in college and also listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg. It would have been impossible for her to listen to the aforementioned rappers in college because they did not debut until the ’90s. Kamala Harris attended college in the mid-80s.

Some websites like the New York Times assert that Kamala Harris did not say she listened to Tupac and Snoop Dogg in college. They say she was answering a lot of questions at once and since the answers were jumbled up, then timelines were mistakenly crossed by listeners. Maybe that’s fair. But what about when Harris said that Tupac is the “best rapper alive” when speaking to Angela Rye? To Rye’s credit, she called Harris on that and gave her an opportunity to name another one, which she did not.

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Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party in general, are full of charlatans and liars. They will do anything to win (as we all saw during the 2020 Presidential elections). Lying is not something they are at all averse to. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden both are clearly not above pulling the wool over the American people’s eyes. The only question is, how long will people believe the nonsense that these people are pushing?


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