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Stacey Abrams Says Fetal Heartbeats Are Fake And Made Up By Men

Georgia Governor Candidate Stacey Abrams says unborn baby heartbeats are fake and made up by men for the purpose of controlling women. To be exact, Abrams was speaking about the heartbeats that radiologists detect at six weeks. She says at this point, a sound is “made up” and that it is not an actual heartbeat. This flies against the common knowledge of doctors and well-respected medical institutions.

The NIH, NHS, Mayo Clinic, and even Planned Parenthood believe that fetal heartbeats are detectable between five and six weeks. Abrams most likely made these comments in the context of a discussion about the recently passed “Heartbeat Law” in Georgia. The law, formerly known as “Georgia House Bill 481”, prevents abortions from being performed past six weeks. The rationale behind that specific cutoff point is that there is a detectable heartbeat.

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Doctor Confirms “Stacey Abrams is Wrong” and “Science” Proves Unborn Babies Have Heartbeat –

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  1. who listens to or believes anything out of her thieving mouth apart from those racists cronies standing to financially gain from this. she is nothing more than a racist criminal pos that should be in jail not public office.


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