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The View Are Hypocrites For Attacking Nikki Haley Over Using A Non-Ethnic Name

The View recently aired a segment in which they talked about 2024 Presidential hopefuls and Nikki Haley’s name came up. Sunny Hostin decided to chip in and suggest that maybe Haley should “lean in” to her Indian heritage. Then she got into the issue of her “real” name which is not Nikki. Actually, Nikki is the actual middle name that she was given by her parents from birth… but that is aside from the point. Nikki Haley’s first name is Nimrata. Sunny Hostin thinks that going by “Nikki” is her attempt at being a “chameleon” to blend in.

To put it another way, Sunny Hostin thinks Nikki Haley is trying to “pass” as white. There is just one problem with that statement. Sunny Hostin’s actual first name is Asunción Cummings. And, unlike Nikki Haley, the name “Sunny” is not part of her name at all. It is simply a nickname. The same thing goes for at least two other members of “The View”. Whoopi Goldberg’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson. Joy Behar’s birth name is Josephine Victoria Behar, maiden name Occhiuto.

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“The View” is a Hollywood type of political show full of people who go by stage names and nicknames. Some would say that they are trying to “blend in” as well. Obviously, the same rules don’t apply to them that Sunny Hostin attempted to stick to Nikki Haley.


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