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Steven Crowder Is In Deep Trouble After Leaked Video After Divorce Announcement Goes Viral

Steven Crowder is in deep trouble over a leaked video showing a confrontation between himself and his wife, Hillary Crowder. This latest development has come as a result of Crowder announcing his divorce during a recent episode of his show. During the announcement, Crowder said at least two things that raised red flags.

Crowder first blamed Candace Owens, accusing her of some sort of blackmail or extortion in relation to a video where she asked her audience to pray for him and that he was going through something. Shortly after the attack on Candace, Crowder then attacked his own wife by saying he “picked wrong.” He also railed against “no-fault divorce” in Texas. Crowder maintains that the divorce had nothing to do with him and that his wife simply wanted out.

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The “leaked” video is dated back to 2021 when his wife was 8 months pregnant with their twin boys. Steven and Hillary were engaged in an argument, mostly over their vehicle. Hillary wanted to go run some errands and Steven did not want to be left at home without the car. This is strange because the footage, taken from a ring camera, shows the back of their home. The house looks very nice and big, meaning Crowder could easily afford another car. Critics of Crowder say that only having one car is a control mechanism.

The argument between Steven Crowder and his wife goes on for about three minutes. The footage was obtained by journalist Yashar Ali and amplified by Candace Owens. Owens amplified it after Crowder mentioned her name and accused her of some sort of extortion in the initial divorce announcement video. Hillary Crowder’s family released a statement (and probably the video) to Ali, saying that Steven’s characterization of the divorce is incorrect. The family also alleges that Crowder has a pattern of abusive behavior that Hillary tried to conceal for years.


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