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ABC News Heavily Censors RFK, Jr. Interview Over “Misinformation”

ABC News heavily censored their recent Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. (RFK JR) interview. He made a few claims about vaccines, shutdowns, COVID, and more that ABC decided to remove. The interviewer gave a lengthy “disclaimer” of sorts at the end of the interview that sounded like the end of a big pharma commercial.

RFK JR announced his 2024 Democratic Presidential campaign just a few days ago. The ABC News interview was his very first sit-down interview of the campaign cycle. Not very many people are familiar with RFK JR, so this interview should have been a good vehicle to get his name out in front of the masses. Especially since the DNC isn’t going to hold any primary debates.

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The interview, unfortunately, became more of a hit-piece against RFK JR. There was a clear attempt to make him look like a tin-foil-hat wearer and a buffoon that should not be taken seriously. The interviewer was more like a hatchet-person, who had the clear objective to discredit RFK JR.


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