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Target Faces Massive Backlash After Offering LGBTQ Clothing For Children

Retail giant Target faces a massive “bud light” style boycott over its LGBTQ+ merchandise that is targeting children. Multiple women have taken to TikTok to document their experience inside the children’s section of Target. What they found was clothing for very small children, including babies and toddlers, adorned with LGBTQ+ markings and symbols.

If the extent of the clothing was simply the coloring and logo placement, this story would not necessarily be that big of a deal. However, there is actually LGBTQ technology found in the clothing. One woman showed a swimsuit top with “light binding” materials. “Binding” refers to women binding down their breasts to achieve a more masculine, flat-chested look. This type of thing should not be available for small children.

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Another piece of technology found in children’s clothing at Target is the built-in “tuck” feature. This refers to a pocket inside of swimsuit and/or underwear bottoms. If a boy wants to wear girl’s clothing, the pocket is available for him to tuck his genitalia. The designer of this clothing is an actual satanist who does not hide his satanic leanings.


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