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Texas Man Shoots Cheerleader Who Mistakenly Opened His Car Door

A Texas man shot at a group of cheerleaders, striking two, after one of them mistakenly opened his car door. The girls are part of an elite cheerleading squad that travels three days a week and over three hundred miles to practice near Austin, Texas. Their routine is to meet outside an HEB grocery store in a nearby town to carpool. One night at around 10pm, the girls were doing their usual routine of going back to the parking lot to retrieve their vehicles.

One of the girls mistakenly opened the car door of a vehicle that looks like hers but was not hers. She realized her mistake and walked back to one of the other cheerleader’s vehicles. A man emerged from the car that she had just approached. He brandished a gun and began shooting. All four of the cheerleaders were shot at, two were hit, and one was hit with severe injuries. Luckily, none of the girls are dead. However, the man in question has been hit with criminal charges and will probably get a lengthy prison sentence for what can only be described as reckless actions.

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