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The Conflict In Sudan Is Not Just About The Botched US Embassy Withdrawal

The current conflict in Sudan is not just about a botched US embassy withdrawal, akin to the Afghanistan fallout. The United States media, however, appears to only focus on that issue. Mainstream media shows images of trapped Americans surrounded by random artillery fire from warring factions in the state without actually explaining why the conflict is happening. This appears to be a tactic to obscure the truth by having the general public focus on an issue that is not really an issue.

The United States and Russia could be engaged in proxy war action in Sudan. The reason for this is that Russia is building a naval base off the coast of Sudan on the Red Sea. This is a very sensitive region of the world. Ten percent of all trade in the world floats through this region on tankers. Forty percent of European trade happens in this region. Russia did not previously have a presence in this part of the world. Now, they do. The base will be manned by at least 300 Russian soldiers. In return for Sudan granting Russia this real estate, Russia will bypass an international weapons embargo against Sudan and supply them with weapons.

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