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Phil Jackson Trashes The New Woke NBA, ESPN Jalen Roses Responds

Hall of Fame NBA Basketball coach Phil Jackson recently trashed the NBA for its recent woke ideology. The former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers head coach referred to the 2020 “bubble” season in Orlando, Florida as a turning point for the NBA. He said that the NBA has gone too far down the political rabbit hole and many people are now turned off from watching. Jackson made the comments on Rick Rubin’s “Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin” interview podcast.

C19 lockdowns in March of 2020 interrupted the NBA’s season just before the home stretch toward the playoffs. A plan was developed to continue the season in the summer of that same year in Orlando, Florida. A few teams that qualified flew down and played the rest of the season and playoffs in one gym without fans due to C19 “safety” protocols.

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The resulting product was confusing and cringe-worthy to many longtime fans. Watching teams play games in empty gyms was one thing. But the other issue was players wearing t-shirts with “Black Lives Matter” on the front, jerseys with random social justice phrases like “end racism” and “say her name” on the black, and of course… the floor of the gym having “black lives matter” largely emblazoned nearly from hoop to hoop.

Phil Jackson rightly pointed all of this mess out, as well as the continuation of this “woke” ideology in today’s game even though the bubble days are over. Former NBA player and current ESPN commentator Jalen Rose did not like Jackson’s words and he decided to give his own two cents. In a short, 60-second video, Rose alluded to Phil Jackson being a racist. Rose said that Jackson built his wealth and legacy on the backs of black men like Kobe, Shaq, Jordan, and Pippen… and that social issues surrounding race shouldn’t be a laughing matter.


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