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The Death Of David Dorn Has Taken Away The Little Empathy I Had

David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired police captain, was shot and killed after responding to an alarm at a pawnshop in St. Louis. He was protecting the area which had been struck by looting due to recent “protests” over the death of George Floyd. According to a witness, Dorn was shot outside of the store by someone stealing a flat-screen TV.

A GoFundMe For David Dorn’s family is available here:

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Mr. Dorn served 38 years in law enforcement before retirement in 2007. After retirement, he became police chief in a nearby community. He leaves behind five children and ten grandchildren. The aftermath of his death was unfortunately recorded live on Facebook. He was not rendered any aid and bled out on the sidewalk then died.

Off-Narrative Violence Goes Unnoticed

Mr. Dorn is not the only person to suffer as a result of nationwide “protests” that are allegedly about George Floyd. Patrick Underwood, a 53-year-old federal protective services officer was shot and killed during a “protest” in Oakland, California. A van pulled up and fired indiscriminately at officers protecting Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building, hitting Mr. Underwood.

Italia Kelly is another innocent victim of the riots disguised as protests. After leaving a protest when the crowd became hostile, she was shot and killed while sitting in her car. She was 22 years old. Many more innocent black people have been killed by other black people during these so-called “protests” than just George Floyd. All the while, everyone engaging in the protests allegedly believes that black lives matter. If black lives matter, then the actions of the protesters do not show it.

Peaceful Protesters Are The Same As Rioters

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Peaceful “protesters” attempt to section themselves away from the violent looters. But in reality, there is no difference between them. If anyone is out in the street, days later, they are part of the problem. “Peaceful protesters” are simply bodies that add to the mass of people that police have to sort through. They also fuel the flames of chaos because anarchists have strength in numbers. Even if everyone isn’t necessarily on their side.

There is no room to become allies with destructive people. Talks of “solidarity” and “unity” are now meaningless. All of the rioters, all of the violent people, all of the hateful people, everyone with a chip on their shoulder engaging in “protests” are destructive people. And the longer that this hypocritical madness continues, the worse it will be for the American people. Especially for BLACK people who these “protesters” claim to love so much.


Retired St. Louis Police captain killed after responding to a pawnshop alarm during looting

Community mourns death of federal officer Dave Patrick Underwood

Sister texts Italia Kelly moments before she died during Davenport’s Sunday night violence

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  1. Equal justice for all. My deepest condolences to David Dorn family and other victims of ruthless murders committed in the name of “peaceful protest.” Rest in Peace.

  2. I’m a new follower, thank you for writing this. I’m will NOT forget Mr. Underwood and Captain Dorn’s names. I just heard of young Italia. Another heartbreak.

    These “peaceful” protesters are only aiding and abetting the lawless at this point. Enough is enough, we all know what can happen by now. No one I’ve talked to characterizes the protests as anything but peaceful yet listening to live footage from a front line is like a decent into Hell. Thousands of voices screaming and cursing for hours on end at the stoic cops on the front lines. God bless them, I don’t know how they can stand it.

    So much to feel sorrow for but it does make me so happy to see the support that some of the more public victims have received! There are thousands of other victims who are unheard and will fade into the background, impoverished in the wake of these “peaceful” protests. The protesters who continue to drag this out day after day knowing what could happen to others are self absorbed and complicit in my opinion.

  3. I’m now first hearing that Mr Floyd was a drug addict on Meth and Fentanyl another addicting drug that day n . held a pregnant women by gunpoint . Police should have taken him in with the FBI bc counterfeit money was also cause with robbery N WOMAN PREGNANT AFRAID FOR HER N HER UNBORN BABIES LIFE . YES POLICEMAN SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE N WILL BE . WE KNEW THERE WAS MORE TO THIS BC THIS MANS WIFE COULDN’t LOOK UP INTO THE CAMERA N PUT MR FLOYDS BABY GIRL ON CAMERA AS WELL. What if this child said her dad was a drug addict . Why do that to a little girl . Omg Why are innocent people dying in our streets ? Just bc your using this to steal n rob stores . A black woman running out of Nike store laughing with a arms full of stolen goods . There is a god above don’t do this .


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