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Rapper Trina “Cancelled” For Calling Miami Protesters “Animals!”

The rapper known as Trina is under fire for referring to George Floyd protesters as “animals” during her radio show with fellow rapper Trick Daddy. Trina is black and most of her fanbase is as well. Her comments come on the heels of several “protests” that were actually riots damaging several parts of Miami. One of Trina’s friends sustained damage to her brick and mortar store. Other businesses in the area were destroyed and or looted.

Trina also made the point that black lives should matter all of the time, not just when it’s convenient. Her own brother was killed by another black man. His life should matter. No different than George Floyd or anyone else. Trina is able to recognize the fakeness of people pretending to care about Floyd and police brutality. They simply use it as an excuse to riot and tear things up.

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Predictable Social Media Reaction

A sizable amount of people on Twitter had an instantly negative reaction to Trina’s comments about “animals” running around Miami destroying things. The normal go-to words like coon, sambo, uncle tom, and more came flying out. Trina did not back down and stuck to her guns. Which is the appropriate thing to do. After all, she is not wrong. Nor is she alone.

Black Americans all over the United States are starting to wake up to the reality of what’s happening in this country. If they were already awake, then they are simply speaking up more than what they were before. A black woman in DC confronted black lives matter similar points as Trina. “If black lives matter, why not all of the time?” Two black women in New York spoke out against the current madness. One of whom was a business owner who had to clean up the broken shell left of said business.

Where Are The Black Male Celebrities?

Celebrities with giant platforms like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade remain relatively silent. At least as it pertains to the violent protesters. Maybe Dwyane Wade is too busy dying his hair all types of random colors so he can bond with his son. But that’s a different story.

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The defense of a group of people should come from the men, not the women. But that’s the majority of whom are speaking out against George Floyd protesters. At least, in the black community. So what’s really going on? It is a question, but not one that tremendously matters. What matters the most here is that Americans are waking up to the rotten bag of goods that they have been sold.

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