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The Netflix Movie “Cuties” Is MUCH WORSE Than You First Thought

The Netflix movie “Cuties” which is originally a French movie entitled “Mignonnes” is centered in huge controversy. Eyebrows of people online first raised when Netflix released a promotional poster graphic for the movie back in August. The poster featured girls no older than eleven years old posing provocatively. It was the equivalent to an image from a typical woman-objectifying rap video. But instead of adult women, children were the ones objectified.

Backpedaling But Not Reversing

Netflix apologized for the controversial artwork but they dismissed claims of the movie being degenerate itself. They claimed the artwork did not accurately represent the movie. Netflix, and others, describe the movie as exploring how young girls are abused in beauty pageants and other industries. “Cuties” was supposed to highlight how bad it is for girls to get trapped up in exploitative lives. But in reality, the movie exploits the girls itself.

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Celebrities like Tessa Thompson echoed Netflix’s point of view and said that the film is actually a coming-of-age tale. “The Independent” published the following headline: “Netflix’s Cuties is too intelligent and moving to be marred by one bad-taste poster.” The New Yorker published what can only be described as a conspiracy theory, blaming negative reaction to the movie’s artwork and the movie itself as a right-wing hit job.

Bandaid Over A Bullet Wound

Some people who initially had negative reactions to the promotional artwork for “Cuties” were calmed down by Netflix’s apology and explanations of the movie from others. However, not everyone was convinced. After all, why would a gigantic company like Netflix release promotional materials in such a haphazard way? Surely they understand how to promote their product accurately and in a way that will generate buzz, therefore revenue?

Told You So

Those who were skeptical of “Cuties” and “Netflix” are now vindicated. The movie released in the United States on Netflix on September 9th, 2020. A scene from the movie found its way to Twitter. The video clip showed girls no older than eleven years of age twerking in skimpy outfits. Halter tops and very short shorts. The initial controversial poster Netflix released could just have easily been a screenshot from that scene. Twitter users were nearly unified with disgust at Netflix for allowing such a movie onto their platform. “Nearly” is the keyword here.

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Reactions to the movie, at least on Twitter, appear to be partisan in nature. Which simply should not be the case. Protecting the innocence of very young girls should be a universally accepted virtue of Western society. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many leftist Twitter users and leftist publications like The New Yorker doubled-down on their initial defense of the movie. Which highlights the direction the LGBTQ crowd wants to go. But that’s another story.

French Movie With Worldwide Implications

If anyone were caught with one of the many sexually suggestive scenes from “Cuties” on their laptop without the context of it being a legal movie, then they might get brought up on charges and prosecuted. This is completely inexcusable for Netflix. In the name of desiring equality and visibility for exploited people, Netflix violated the trust of many in their loyal base by committing an act that is nearly illegal.

“Cuties” is a French movie that was probably filmed in France. Nearly 650 girls “auditioned” for the lead role played by an 11-year-old girl. There is no age of consent in France and a motion to make the age 15 was actually struck down. The amount of girls who auditioned for the movie may ironically prove the point the movie claims it wants to make which is about the exploitation of children. Maybe the creators of the movie would like that type of society for all of us who aren’t in it.

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