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The New York Times Verifies Hunter Biden’s Infamous Laptop

The New York Times has finally verified Hunter Biden’s laptop that was reported back in October of 2020 by the New York Post. Their verification came as sort of an aside, buried deep in an article about some of Hunter Biden’s controversies and legal issues. When the story first broke nearly two years ago, it was widely discredited as “Russian disinformation” by nearly every mainstream media outlet. Twitter even blocked the story from being posted on their platform. This is an unheard-of thing to happen especially when the source of a story is a 220-year-old well-respected newspaper like the New York Post is. People who viewed the emails and photographs taken from the laptop knew it was real back when news of it broke. Now the mainstream media are catching up and the question is… why?

For the purpose of context, it is necessary to backtrack to early 2019 when the Macbook Pro laptop was allegedly dropped off at a Wilmington, Delaware repair shop. The computer was allegedly water damaged and the customer, presumably Hunter Biden, simply wanted the contents of the laptop recovered. Service was done on the laptop but it was never retrieved. The owner of the shop realized he had a very sensitive piece of technology on his hands that should get reported to the proper authorities. The FBI seized the laptop in December of 2019. This is very important because FBI Director James Comey was in charge at the time and subsequently appeared on TV interviews denying the laptop’s validity.

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The owner of the repair shop made a copy of the laptop’s hard drive before he handed it over to the feds. This copy was given to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello. The lawyer then gave this copy to Giuliani himself. Guiliani then gave the copy to the New York Post. The New York Post authenticated the contents of said hard drive and published the story back in mid-October of 2020, just about three weeks before the 2020 Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Obviously, if the contents of the hard drive were damaging to Hunter Biden, they’d damage Joe Biden’s chances of winning the election. Especially if anything could be tied directly to Joe.

The laptop contained video and pictures of Joe Biden smoking crack along with other inappropriate adult activities, some of which could be illegal. This makes sense when compared with public information because Hunter was discharged from the military on drugs. Hunter has subsequently spoken publicly about his crack usage. These are easily verified facts, not Russian disinformation. There were also plenty of unsecured emails on the device that spoke to possible corruption quid-quo-pro type dealings over in Ukraine, China, Russia, and elsewhere. The most damaging piece of evidence came with the discovery of a deal with Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company.

Hunter Biden has no prior experience with the energy sector at all. However, he was able to snag a comfortable $50,000 per month salary to sit on Burisma Holding’s board. Just a few months prior to this arrangement, Hunter introduced the head of Burisma to his father, then Vice-President Joe Biden. Joe was also sort of an ambassador to Ukraine and he’d visited Kiev several times before that particular visit. Joe publicly bragged about pressuring Ukraine to fire special prosecutor Viktor Shokin. He stated that if Ukraine did not fire him, they would not get a promised billion-dollar loan guarantee. Shokin was subsequently fired. Biden says Shokin was not a good prosecutor and he was replaced with someone “solid”. The problem here is that Shokin was looking into Burisma Holdings, the same company his son just got hired on with at a ridiculous price point. Co-incidence? Probably not.

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The mainstream media withheld this story due to a fear it would interfere with the 2020 election. These same people say Russia interfered with the 2016 election and that’s the reason why Trump won. They also did not hold back information about Donald Trump’s tax returns that were released just a few days before Hunter Biden’s laptop story emerged. Time and time again, the mainstream media have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. This story is yet another example of why the general public turns to alternative forms of media for news. Mainstream media simply cannot be trusted any longer.


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