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Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Wins Women’s NCAA Championship

Trans UPENN swimmer Lia Thomas won the Women’s 500Y Free NCAA Championship race. Lia, formerly William, has been the center of controversy for months over being allowed to compete with biological women. Thomas was born a male and did not announce transgender status until about two to three years ago. Back in 2019, Lia competed against men as William at the same college and ranked at 775 for the 500Y free. Fast forward to 2022, Lia comes in first and wins the entire race. Such a leap in performance would normally come with allegations of doping. A person doesn’t go from a bench warmer to Michael Jordan in the NBA, let alone college ball. So how could Thomas go from nearly being dead last to the top of the mountain? The answer is quite obvious for anyone who takes just a moment to think about it.

There were instances of protest both close to the pool and also in the stands. After Lia Thomas won, there was a picture taken of Lia with the second and third place swimmers. Another picture features Lia standing on the first place pedestal alone next to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners huddled together on the third place pedestal. This was a clear protest against Lia saying that the three biological women on the right side of the picture were the rightful medalists. One woman held a “save women’s sports” banner with a subheading that said “women = adult human female”.

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This is a serious problem that threatens the legitimacy of women’s sports, in general. Protests from a few girls and their parents won’t quite solve it. What needs to happen here is that politicians should step up to the plate and legislate. It is simply unfair for biological men to compete in sports against biological women. Furthermore, it is unsafe for biological men to use the same communal private spaces as women. There are reports all over the United States of predator males attacking women in such spaces. All of this is happening for the sake of “woke” culture and an attempt to not be called “anti-LGBT”. But since when did simply being LGBT give one the license to remove the rights away from other people who may or may not think the same as them?


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