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TJ Holmes & Amy Robach Fired From ABC News After Cheating Scandal

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have been fired from ABC News after their cheating scandal was made public a few weeks ago. The former hosts of GMA3 were on an extended hiatus of sorts as a result of the drama surrounding their affairs. Holmes and Robach were both married when they started their romance. Holmes is accused of having affairs with at least two other women on the job.

Robach does not have any accusations of affairs with other men, however, there is an accusation that she has an alcohol problem. Rumor has it that she would show up to work drunk and also drink on the job. Amy Robach vehemently denies the allegations of alcoholism. What Robach and Holmes do not deny is that they have fallen for each other.

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ABC is owned by the Disney Corporation. Rules at this company are obviously different than others. While a cheating scandal is embarrassing for the parties involved, it does not necessarily have to involve an employer. An affair is no more than a moral failing in the opinion of many people. It could also hold someone liable financially in court depending on marriage laws in that particular jurisdiction. Cheating is not, however, a criminal offense that should be punished beyond reason.

ABC may simply have personal character standards that other stations may not. A prime example is Joe and Mika from MSNBC. They started their relationship (now marriage) while still married to other people and working on NBC. Their show has not been taken off the air and it is quite frankly one of the network’s highlights. This type of behavior probably would not fly on any Disney subordinate. TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are a clear case study for the aforementioned.


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