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Trevor Noah Speaks About Omicron, Goes Way Off Script

Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, flew a little bit too close to the sun when speaking about the new variant of the virus. Noah simply made a point that many skeptics of the pandemic have already been making for the past two years. Money is clearly a motivating factor behind some aspects of this gigantic problem that has woven its tentacles around all aspects of daily life. It is also well known that some companies employ practices that are viewed as unethical to accomplish their financial goals.

Noah mentioned all of the aforementioned facts in a cleverly stated way on his show and got a ton of backlash as a result. Some view him as biased because of the fact that he is native to South Africa and may be upset at the travel ban placed upon his country. Comments from supporters of his show ran the gamut from confusion to outrage to agreement. Some have even labeled him as an anti-vaxxer. Trevor Noah has never spoken out against vaccines before, nor did he say anything necessarily anti-vax in his most recent sketch. But the mainstream media’s narrative has been 100% pro-vax 24/7. Any straying away from this narrative is seen as the equivalent of heresy.

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Honest people must admit that Trevor Noah has a point. Every single time a new variant of the virus is identified it appears like the world is falling apart when it isn’t. Most identified cases of omicron have been mid. So there is no point in shutting down entire countries or pushing for the vax even more than what has already been done. Unless there is a big payday for pushing all versions of the vax including boosters and research/development on changes to said vax. A lot of people have already identified the pattern of fearmongering to generate revenue. Trevor Noah appears to be in that same boat. Hopefully, his on-air revelation doesn’t cost him his job… or anything else.


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