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TikTok Mom Makes Her Kids Yell Out “All Hail Black Women”, Gets Backlash From All Sides

A TikTok mom by the name of Justine Champion made her sons yell “all hail black women”! Before Champion’s sons chimed in, she gave black women credit for their role in the 2020 Presidential Election. Her video has, of course, gone viral and it is sparking controversy from a variety of different angles. Most of the drama, maybe not surprisingly, is coming from inside the liberal “sphere” of thought.

Justine Champion’s video is loved by some on the left. They see her as an “ally” in their “fight” against Donald Trump, Trump supporters, and the idea of racism. There are others, however, who see Justine Champion as nothing more than an opportunist trying to make money off of the current political climate. A very popular word on the internet for this type of person is “grifter”. There aren’t just two ways people view Justine Champion and her TikTok videos. A black woman made a response TikTok in which she calls Champion out for potentially endangering black women.

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The response TikTok video claims that Justine Champion, by giving black women the “credit” for Trump’s defeat, paints a target on their backs. Her thought process is most likely that angry Trump supporters will descend upon them and strike because they want to blame someone for their loss. When in reality, there are a ton of liberal publications praising black women for the victory of Joe Biden. Kamala Harris herself is seen as a black woman and is getting praise simply for her race. So if anyone is placing a target on black women’s backs, it is the very same publications that black women, by and large, support.

If a person wants to view Justine Champion for what she truly is, then one would look no further than the opportunist angle. Going viral on the internet can be monetized if someone knows what they’re doing. And Justine Champion has bragged about going viral online before by speaking about black issues. So this whole “woke mom” angle seems to be working out well. There are a lot of people like this online who simply create content for attention and money. Even if Justine does believe in what she says, maybe she believes in it a little bit more since money is a factor in the equation.


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