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AOC Attacks Republicans Over Capitol Riot in Hypocritical Instagram Live Video

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, slams the Capitol riots during an hour-long Instagram Live video. The Congresswoman from New York began her live-stream talking about her harrowing experience at the Capitol during the riots. She said that she was afraid for her life because people may lead the mob to her location. Fortunately, she made it out unscathed. There is no excuse for the riots and it was a stain on an otherwise great Presidency from Donald Trump. However, the riot does not give AOC license to lie on social media with impunity.

AOC began her one-hour Instagram live-stream with the tale of her time at the Capitol, in full detail. She hit on quite a few emotional heartstrings that can’t be denied, even if this was done for show because the event did happen. And the event was scary. But at a certain point during the stream, AOC’s true motives began to reveal themselves. One moment, in particular, stood out above the rest – and that’s when AOC began to speak about Republican hypocrisy and lies. A far-left member of the Democratic Party, or better yet… a member of “Justice Democrats” speaking about hypocrisy is ironic.

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Conservative Republicans have been speaking out against riots and violence at political events for years now. During the past six months to a year, there has been non-stop violence in cities across America due to “protests” over George Floyd. Washington DC had been under siege for months because of this. Parts of Minneapolis, where the George Floyd incident took place, looked like a bombed out warzone because of all the looting and rioting. And since the George Floyd protests raged on without much kickback from local or national Democratic leadership, the riots and violence spread to other parts of the country. Some of the same people would be arrested in different “protests” in different cities.

Liberal Democrats like AOC not only turned a blind eye to Democratic city “Black Lives Matter” and ANTIFA violence, they sometimes encouraged it. Maxine Waters encouraged people to “get in their faces” in reference to the Trump administration and anyone who supports them. Kamala Harris retweeted a fund to help bail people out of jail who get locked up during BLM “protests.” The very thing that the left says Trump did – which was to incite a riot – they have been doing for months and years. Now it’s a problem when Trump allegedly does it, although he has been the one to preach peace in the United States and abroad throughout his four years of Presidency.

AOC is right to call out violence at the Capitol. Most sensible people do not condone Capitol violence. The problem is that AOC is a stone-cold, stomp-down hypocrite. If political violence is bad then it is bad all the time, not just when it is politically expedient to be bad.

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