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Rapper T.I. Confronts Female Comedian On Stage Over Joke, Will Smith Style

Rapper T.I. confronted female comedian Lauren Knight on stage at an Atlanta comedy club over a joke about allegations against him and his wife. This comes on the heels of Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage at The Oscars. Fortunately for both parties at the Edgewood, Atlanta bar, nobody was actually assaulted. But the confrontation did become somewhat physical. Will Smith appears to have started a trend that another famous comedian, Sheryl Underwood, sort of predicted. Underwood, who is also a host on a daytime talk show called “The Talk”, said she is afraid of someone emerging from the audience and slapping her over a joke they don’t like. Will Smith has opened a door that may be very difficult to close.

The situation with T.I. and Lauren Knight started when T.I. decided to do a 30 to 45 minute set of his own. The bar is open-mic, so he didn’t really intrude on anyone’s space by hopping on stage. To perform a set for that long at an open mic might be a violation of common courtesy, but not necessarily enough for any sort of confrontation. After he gets off stage, Lauren (who is also the host) goes into a bit about marriage before introducing the next comic.

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T.I. is apparently not finding Lauren’s jokes funny and he then begins to heckle her from the crowd, loudly. He used expletives and repeatedly told her to remove her wig. This is according to Knight’s words, witness accounts, and even some surveillance video. Knight responds to the comment about her wig by saying “I’ll take the wig off when you address the allegations”. This was referring to the aforementioned sexual assault allegations against him and his wife that made the news. Her comeback was enough to spark T.I.’s fury.

Will Smith opened a door for weak and effeminate men to react emotionally rather than simply using their brains. Being offended at a joke is not a valid reason to approach someone with violence or the threat of violence. The problem is that Will Smith did get some level of praise for slapping Chris Rock over the Jada Pinkett joke. And there are people who want to get the same praise. Or they use the Will Smith incident as justification to give in to their lower self. Rapper T.I. appears to have done exactly that. Fortunately, no one was hurt. This may not be the case for regular people out in the street who are now given a false sense of empowerment.


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  1. Criss Rock asked for it. Comedy in America has gotten out of hand. It has gotten so bad most of my friends have nothing to do with it. There are certain things “good” folks do not say. Such as the “N” word among many.

  2. Ah yes, BOBC.. The one big caveat: must be black! It’s like using the “N” word, only OK if black. Or voluntarily enlisting to commit genocide on native Indians, Alaskans and Hawaiians – if youre white youre screwed, even if your ancestors had zero o do with slavery or murdering millions of natives, came to the USA after the turn of the century as tens of millions did, were discriminated against by former slaves and so on. Ormodern day crime with zero punishment and tax funded actual cash reparation payment to go with your social assistance check and food stamps FFS.. rioting, burning shit, theft in broad daylight, smash n grabs, “simple” assault etc etc etc??? no problem, if youre black! Otherwise, you will be arrested and jailed. Criminal and civil charges. Career suicide. Social suicide. Instant bankruptcy. Banishment. Life as you knew it over. But nope, these blacks have been appeased and emboldened to the point of lunacy. In reality, theyre nothing more than Buffalo Soldier hypocrites. You are not immune to accountability. Pathetic double standards for a lesser class species in our society today. Period.

  3. Dude you are pathetic its people like you that thinks their better I’m guessing you white right?With that said I guess it make you feel good to thinks someone is lesser than you since you are are a piece of shit.


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